Saturday, 17 August 2013

Narrator Discovers 'BUZZFEED' and the Importance of Cat Photos

Your humble narrator today stumbled across; a site that likes to list half-assed facts* and pad them out with random or vaguely related photos courtesy of writers whose ambitions are clearly constrained by their limited talent.

Sound familiar?

Your narrator was agog at discovering this site and its horrifyingly familiar formulaic productions.

It also dawned on your narrator what exactly is missing from his posts: Cats

So, without further ado, cats.

1/ Irish Cat Photo

2/ Scottish Cat Photo

3/ IRA Cat Photo

4/ NI21, Alliance and Middle of the Road Cat Photo

5/ Unnecessary and Tasteless Catholic Church Joke Cat Photo

6/ Celtic & Rangers Cat Photo

7/ UVF Cat Photo

8/ Sinn Fein Youth Joke Cat Photo

9/ Geeky Catholic Joke Cat Photo

10/ Celtic Tiger's Relegation to Celtic Kitten Joke Cat Photo

Perhaps now that your narrator has went the way of the cat he can expect to get 10 000 hits by breakfast time.

To be humble doesn't mean you can't be a sell out...

*Japing about the facts, your narrator puts a lot of effort into researching them

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